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There are multiple edits of the Deadpool 2, và while the plot is basically the same, there are some key differences.

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When it was released back in May 2018, Deadpool 2 was critically acclaimed for its kích hoạt sequences, new and exciting characters and its signature gross-out humor và meta gags. Those positive review translated lớn massive box office success and the movie became the highest-grossing R-rated film ever, until Joker was released this year.

The success of the film during its theatrical run prompted 20th Century Fox to create two new alternate versions: the Super Duper CutOnce Upon A Deadpool. The film"s plot và structure remain the same but a handful of scenes were either added or changed in these versions.

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First, let"s look at the Super Duper Cut, which is an extended version of the film released on DVD in August 2018. Many of the changes aren"t noticeable at first glance unless you"re watching the theatrical release và this cut side-by-side. Some of the jokes and one-liners are different between versions, with the Super Duper Cut having raunchier nội dung on full display.

However, there are a number of new scenes in this version. An extended torture sequence between young mutant Firefist và the abusive orphanage headmaster is shown. There is also an extended sequence of Deadpool trying to lớn kill himself in an attempt to join his lost fiancee, Vanessa.

In addition, there are some minor music changes. For example, in the theatrical version of the film"s final battle, where Deadpool, Cable và Domino fight to save Firefist from the headmaster, the tuy nhiên "Welcome lớn The Party" by Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump plays. But in the Super Duper Cut, the tuy nhiên is changed lớn "Fly like An Eagle" from Steve Miller Band.

Yet, the biggest additions lớn the film are in the mid-credits scenes. Extended versions of the scenes where Deadpool goes back in time khổng lồ save X-Force thành viên Peter & murders his X-Men: Origins Wolverine self are added, with the latter making reference khổng lồ Hugh Jackman"s final turn as Wolverine in the movie Logan.

The final mid-credits addition is a scene where Deadpool goes back in time & contemplates murdering baby Hitler but is unable to go through with it. This sequence was apparently too much for demo audiences.

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Then there"s Once Upon A Deadpool, a PG-13 edit of the film released theatrically during Christmas 2018. Additional scenes were added in which Deadpool kidnaps actor Fred Savage and forces him to lớn listen khổng lồ the story of Deadpool 2, which the antihero tells via a storybook -- an homage to lớn the framing device used in The Princess Bride.

Since this cut of the movie is PG-13, a lot is edited out khổng lồ make it more appropriate for a wider audience. While some of the risque humor is retained, much of it has been excised, and swear words are bleeped out.

The violence is also heavily toned down. The blood & gore is either minimized or cut completely. For example, the graphic deaths of the X-Force members are reworked lớn remove the blood. These scenes also include extra cutaways to lớn Deadpool và Savage commenting on what is happening.

In addition, the over of the film includes a post credits tribute to lớn the late Stan Lee with bloopers from the short Deadpool film No Good Deed.

Deadpool 2, The Super Duper Cut and Once Upon A Deadpool are available on DVD now.

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“Extended cuts” of movies are a mixed bag. Sometimes they’re a mere marketing ploy to lớn get fans khổng lồ double-dip, as with a lot of comedies that include “jokes that couldn’t be shown in theaters” when it’s basically just the same movie with alternate lines mixed in. Sometimes you get a far different, và even far superior cut of the film as with Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven. You never really know what khổng lồ expect, so when 20th Century Fox announced the Deadpool 2 extended cut, packed with 15 minutes of new footage, fans were excited but also curious.

%!#& Cut,” is available exclusively on Digital HD & Blu-ray, so we got a look at the new cut in stunning 4K to see what all the fuss was about. Is the movie all that different? Well, yes và no. It’s more, but not necessarily different. The most striking change is the addition of content relating to the Russell Collins (Juluan Dennison) character. In the theatrical cut of the film, we first meet Russell as he’s burning down the Mutant Reeducation Center, when Deadpool (currently an X-Men trainee) tries khổng lồ calm the situation down.

Image via 20th Century Fox
But in the extended version, we actually see Russell’s introduction to the Mutant Reeducation Center, và get a bit more background on his relationship with Eddie Marsan’s character—including some pretty unsettling torture. These scenes are included in snippets in the theatrical edition as flashbacks, but in the extended edition appear in their entirety.

So does this change in Russell’s introduction help the film? Not necessarily. It doesn’t make the extended cut bad, but director David Leitch was right lớn introduce Russell as a bit of an enigma, rather than immediately telling the audience who this kid is và what he’s been through. It flows better in the theatrical version.

There’s also a smattering of additional footage scattered throughout. There are a couple more suicide attempts shown, an extended version of Deadpool’s death scene, & of course the infamous Baby Hitler post-credits scene that was too much for test audiences lớn handle is tacked onto the other post-credits scenes that were included in the theatrical release.

What does this all add up to? If you were lukewarm or so-so on Deadpool 2, the extended cut doesn’t really improve the film. Again, it’s not so much a structural change as it’s just more. As is, the Deadpool character is a lot to handle, so if you found yourself getting worn out by the motormouth, the extended cut is very extra. A few of the alternate jokes are funny, but not markedly funnier than what was included in the theatrical cut.

Image via 20th Century Fox
However, if you were a big fan of Deadpool 2, you’ll likely find the extended cut worth experiencing. Again, it’s really just more of the original film, so fans who can’t get enough of Deadpool’s shenanigans will no doubt enjoy hanging out in this world for even longer, or even just seeing a slightly different cut of the film—the Blu-ray release includes both the theatrical & extended versions, so you’ll have both to enjoy.

I’m in the “Deadpool 2 is fine” camp, personally. Ryan Reynolds is terrific, & the character is certainly unique, but he’s a lot. Deadpool 2 is at its best when it’s a story about a dysfunctional family, so when the X-Force comes into play—especially with the delightful Zazie Beets as Domino—things really kick into gear. There’s even an additional scene in the extended cut that finds Deadpool basically playing roommate lớn Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, and Yukio that’s a lot of fun—his dynamic with other characters is pretty delightful. Much of Deadpool 2 plays like a prequel to lớn an X-Force movie, and Deadpool seems lượt thích one of those characters who might work better as a supporting player rather than a lead (see also: Jack Sparrow), so it’ll be interesting to lớn see how this franchise evolves going forward.

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For now, though, it appears most fans really dug with Leitch và Co. Put together for Deadpool 2. If you’re in that camp, the Deadpool 2 extended cut is worth checking out. You get more of what you loved the first time, even if it’s not significantly different. If you didn’t love Deadpool 2, well it’s unlikely the extended cut is going lớn change your mind.